Under Mezzanine False Ceiling Protection


Our client were planning to install a new false ceiling within the new Dry Wipes area at their site, to be located beneath the existing mezzanine floor. They approached us to carryout the required sprinkler protection

The system was designed in accordance with the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 (incorporating BS EN 12845) in accordance with Ordinary Hazard Group 3 achieving a design density of 5mm/min of water over an area of 216m2

We worked along side Lighting and Air conditioning contractors to coordinate the ceiling layout and avoid any clashes. We made a new connection into the existing 100mm supply, installed first fix pipework and Rapridrop flexible connectors.

Once the ceiling grid had been installed and the ceiling tiles were in place we returned to second fix the sprinklers to the false ceiling as per the locations detailed on our issued drawing.


On completion of the sprinkler system extension we pressure tested the system, completed snagging checks and issued our Operation & Maintenance Manual




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