Third Floor Sprinkler System at Tower Mill


FVS were chosen to install new sprinkler protection to the third floor of Tower Mill for our client on behalf of English Fine Cottons.


Sprinkler System designed in accordance with the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 (incorporating BS EN 12845) to provide protection suitable for Ordinary Hazard Group 3 goods. The hydraulic design of the system was undertaken using pre-calculated pipe tables in accordance with the recommended methodology as outlined in the LPC Rules to permit a maximum storage height of 2.1m for Category III goods, stored in either a freestanding or block stack arrangement.

Installation Work

Working to a tight deadline we installed the sprinkler protection to the third floor; the installation proved tricky with mains pipework and ranges having being designed and installed around newly installed lighting & ducting systems and at the same time being especially cautious not to cause any foreign materials to fall into the delicate spinning machinery. The pre-fabricated main distribution pipework was installed perpendicular to the existing structural beams, around the travelling carriage above the spinning frames, with the ranges being supplied from the main and running parallel with the structural beams. New steel pipework was finished in red oxide and supported by M150-25mm steel filbows and M12-10 threaded bar/nuts. New brackets secured to existing brick/concrete ceiling structure plus various support steel fitted throughout using M12-10 fixings. 15mm K80 Standard Response, 68°C, Spray Upright, LPBC Approved sprinkler heads installed

Liaising with site representatives, FVS engineers worked safely on site, following safe systems of work as outlined on risk assessments and method statements, and adhering to site rules at all times. Working alongside other contractors and around installed machinery and equipment, all work was carried out by competent engineers using hand held tools, 110V power tools, floor mounted screwing machine and utilising correct PPE. Working at high level was achieved via the use of step ladders and mobile scaffold tower.

Project was completed on time, in budget and to client satisfaction. Testing, commissioning and handover accomplished with full set of O&M Instructions issued along with necessary LPS1048 Certificate of Conformity.


Care and Maintenance of the Sprinkler System
Following the installation of the new system, the contract for the annual service of the new equipment was secured and remains ongoing.

Andy Ogden – General Manager was the driving force behind the project transforming Tower Mill in Dukinfield. Andy is really pleased with the work FVS are carrying out and has produced a number of videos charting the progress.




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