New Water Supplies, Roof Systems, In Rack Systems, Canopy, & Mezzanine

Client Specification & Requirements

Our client is the largest manufacturer and supplier of car care products in Europe and is the UK’s biggest independent oil blender extending its global reach to 100 countries. Their plan was to move their distribution head quarters to Rochdale and purchase the regenerated former Woolworths distribution centre. They initially approached us to write a full design specification proposal with tender documents.

We based the proposal on the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 (incorporating BS EN 12845).

We undertook a comprehensive exercise to determine the proposed specification for the sprinkler design, taking into account the following;

  • The type and configuration of goods to be stored
  • Specific building features, including the height and clearance above stored goods;
  • Specific requirements of the LPC Rules.

Our proposed design specification was summarised in a set of drawings, hydraulic calculations and full written document ready to be sent out for tender.

In November 2017 following the tender process FVS were awarded the contract and work began on the site.

FVS loved working on this project from conception to completion, we loved that our client choose Rochdale to invest in too!

The Project

The project began with an exciting blank canvas, lots of design, extensive hydraulic calculations, risk assessments, method statements, health and safety plans & CDM requirements. First we established a location for the new water supplies comprising of:

  • 3 x Half Duty diesel-engine driven pump sets
  • 2 x Galvanised Steel Water Storage Tank
  • GRP Pump House

Water Supplies

Next was the trunk main into the building to connect into the two new manifold located inside the building feeding the thirteen installation alarm valves.

Trunk Main

Sprinkler Systems

Work began on the sprinkler systems totalling a whopping 17,200 sprinkler heads! The systems designed in accordance with LPC rules and technical bulletins comprised of:

Roof Systems

  • 3 off Roof Systems
  • 1 off 200mm wet alarm valve
  • 2 off 150mm alarm valves
  • Loading Bay & Canopy
  • Ancillary spaces
  • Achieving 25mm/min over 300M², 15/17mm/min over 260M²
  • K160 quick response sprinkler heads

3 Floor Mezzanine System

  • 1 off 200mm wet alarm valve
  • Achieving 25mm/min over 300M², 15/17mm/min over 260M²
  • K160 quick response sprinkler heads

Rack Systems

  • 9 off rack systems
  • 1 off 150mm wet alarm valve
  • 8 off 100mm wet alarm valve
  • 1 off glide racking system
  • Standard bulk storage racks & Aerosol storage racks
  • K115 quick response sprinkler heads


As the project came to a close we carried out a number of pressure tests, snagging checklist & inspections including a final LPC inspection, we compiled an extensive operation & maintenance manual and issued the certificate of conformity. Our client is very pleased with the finished project and continue to use FVs for the servicing and testing of all their sites.




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