In-Rack Protection & Water Supplies Update


FVS were contracted to install in-rack sprinkler protection and upgrade water supplies to newly acquired warehouse for our client. Ongoing Service and Testing contract was secured following new installation.


Single storey detached portal frame warehouse, approximately 18,600m² with ground and  with ground and first floor offices was constructed in the 1970’s with the original roof sprinkler system installed at this time in accordance with either the 28th Edition or 29th Edition of the F.O.C. Sprinkler Rules. Due to the height of the racking and type of goods to be stored, the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 required in rack sprinkler protection to be installed to supplement the existing roof sprinkler protection.

Initial hydraulic calculations were carried out with the design requirement based on the LPC Rules for the storage of Category III goods and it was determined that there was insufficient flow and pressure provided by the existing pumps to feed the new storage racks and roof sprinkler protection. It was therefore proposed to provide a new water supply by converting the existing valve and pressure tank room into a sprinkler pumphouse with sprinkler heads to be installed in the storage racking with a typical pallet size of 1000mm x 1200mm over two levels.

Installation Work

Over the course of the project, FVS Limited undertook project works which included; installation as per hydraulic design of existing roof sprinkler protection and proposed in rack protection (In-rack sprinkler protection to provide a minimum of 3-off in rack sprinklers operating over 2 levels in 2 racks at a minimum of 2bar operating pressure making 12-off in total with a 7.5mm/min design density over 260m² at the roof).

The existing lodge water supply was disconnected and a new full capacity Galglass LPC approved galvanised water suction tank (approx 586m³), including all ancillaries was supplied and erected. New Armstong diesel driven fire pump and Armstong electric diesel driven fire pump (pump duty 4717L/min @ 6.7 bar) installed. 2No. new sprinkler installation valve sets (Installation No.3 and No.4) installed with the sprinkler pumphouse, complete with manifold and all trim pipework. The existing roof sprinkler protection (Installation No. 1 and No.2) was connected into the new water supply.

Provided new in-rack sprinkler protection to Category III goods, over 20 aisles (the majority of which had two levels of sprinkler protection), comprising the installation of approximately 2700No. 68°C, quick response, sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads within the racks were installed in pendant positions and were fitted with guards and baffle plates and spare sprinkler heads were provided within the pumphouse.

Liaising with site representatives, FVS engineers worked safely on site, following safe systems of work as outlined on risk assessments and method statements, and adhering to site rules at all times. Working alongside other contractors and around installed machinery and equipment, all work was carried out by competent engineers using hand held tools, 110V power tools, floor mounted screwing machines and utilising correct PPE. Working at high level was achieved via the use of scissors lift.

Project was completed on time, in budget and to client satisfaction. Testing, commissioning and handover accomplished with full set of O&M Instructions issued along with necessary LPS1048 Certificate of Conformity.

Care and Maintenance of the Sprinkler System

Following the installation of the new system the contract for the maintenance of the sites sprinkler equipment was secured and remains ongoing. Training was provided to our client’s site personnel for the weekly testing and operation of the new sprinkler protection. The ongoing service contract encompasses the yearly, half yearly and quarterly testing requirements consistent with the requirements for ‘care and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems’ outlined in the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s Technical Bulletin No. 203.


Warehouse Manager

Copy of Client Reference Available

Following the installation of the new sprinkler protection, an email was sent by the Warehouse Manager to thanks us for the work which was carried out and regarding the engineers on site. He stated that the site engineers had been a credit to our company, that they were helpful and cooperative in all aspects of their role , when you phone FVS from the moment you place the call you know the problem is in hand, great service from start to finish.




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