A 1200m³ water storage tank & vertical turbine diesel fire pumps

Barrow-In-Furness & Flintshire Mills.

Our client is a leading global health and hygiene company employing 55,000 people worldwide and posting sales at $16.7 billion in 2006. FVS have been involved with and look after the service requirements continually, at the Barrow and Flint Paper Mills, for over 20 years. The list and diversity of work carried out at both these plants by FVS is extensive and impressive. Installation of new FM diesel pumpsets at Barrow a 1200m³ water storage tank vertical turbine diesel fire pumps E.S.F.R. (Early Suppression Fast Response) L.D. (Large Drop) E.L.O. (Extra Large Orifice) sprinklers have been installed to high challenge warehouse product and parent reel storage. Water mist local application to paper making machines where direct impingement to Yankee cylinders is successfully avoided. Replacement of underground mains, bespoke false alarm eradication protection systems GreCon nozzles, automatic and manual ducting dust extraction protection systems. water deluge curtain exposure protection. Oil storage and boiler plant protection, Fire Hydrants.

The threat of fire in a paper mill is constant with large rotating machinery causing friction with other heat and flame sources. The product is easily ignited and rapidly developing fires will occur in all the stored products. Our client takes the fire protection of their paper mills very seriously and insist on robust methods of protection and prevention being installed. FVS are honoured to have been entrusted with the installation and service of the aforementioned protection systems over the last 25 years of both the Barrow and Flint Sites




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