Company Policies

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Company Policies

Over the last three decades, FVS have developed a company whose ethos is to deliver the highest level of workmanship. This philosophy is advocated by every collective member of the company, who are all working as a team to achieve the same goal of excellence in service delivery.

Today we have an exemplary set of principles, policies and standards that regulate our operations to ensure complete client satisfaction and protection of our employees at all times.

On commencing employment with FVS all employees are given an induction prior to work where the company’s standards and expectations are explained. During their induction, any areas where training is required will be highlighted and then added to the company’s training plan. Any experience, skills and previous training demonstrated are added to the company’s training matrix and will form the base of the employee’s individual training record. Employees are then entered into the company’s training scheme and are given all the training and support needed to excel in their areas of expertise.

We realise that our talented employees are the most valuable asset we have, and we are determined to offer each and every one of them the opportunities and environments in which to grow their careers so that our company may constantly improve and grow. Employees are selected based on their skills and competency and key members are long standing employees with a passion for our work.

Further details of key members responsible for the delivery of services can be found here

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